Bechtel Family Tree

Information provided in part by Laura Ervabell BECHTEL, 2001. Supplemental information confirmed in the 1920 census record for Shelby County, IL, Windsor Township. Additional information on the family of Martin F. BECHTEL, provided August 2001, by June R GUINNE. Additional information on the families of Andrew BECHTEL and Madalene GARDNER and their children, also Samuel BECHTEL and Christin (Christ) Christy and family, provided by Ed and Patricia C. URBAN.

SAMUEL BECHTEL Sr, b. ca. 1770 in Near Lancaster, PA, d. 1830 in Clearcreek Twp., Fairfield County, OH

Spouse: CHRISTENA (CHRIST) CHRISTY, b. in Lampeter Twp., Lancaster County, PA, d. aft. September 1831 in Clearcreek Twp., Fairfield County, OH

    Married 1795 in Washington County, MD.


ANDREW BECHTEL, b. May 1813 in Family Info from 1860 census of Zane Twp, Logan Co., Ohio

    Married by Samuel Nigh, JP (Nigh family is later spelled NYE).

Spouse: MAGDALENE GARDNER, b. May 1817

    From the Fairfield County Historical Newsletter "The Trace" is found the following:
    MAGDALINA GARDNER , age 11y, 4mo. of Fairfield County bound by her guardian,
    Michael Neigh, to Samuel Effinger to learn housewifery till age 18. Indentures: 20 Aug
    The marriage date of January 14, 1836 was submitted to us by Jane (Bechtel) Fitting
    of Cincinnati, OH. Andrew Bechtel is part of her family line.

    Married 14 January 1836 in Fairfield County, OH-Early Vital Records of Ohio.


  1 LAVINA BECHTEL, b. 1837, m. BENJAMIN SUMMERS, 16 July 1860


  3 MARTIN F. BECHTEL, b. 7 October 1840, m. CLARISSA CUSHMAN, 28 December 1866,
    d. 25 May 1917

  4 SAMUEL BECHTEL, b. 1845

Pictured above, Second Lieut. Samuel Bechtel, Army Co. D, 15th Regiment, Ohio infantry

  5 ANDREW AMOS BECHTEL, b. 1 November 1847, m. BELLE B. HOPKINS, 1874, d. 2
    October 1945

  6 JOHN BECHTEL (2), b. 1848

  7 WILLIAM BECHTEL, b. 1853

  8 DEMA BECHTEL, b. 1855


Martin F. BECHTEL, b. 7 October 1840 in Ohio, d. 25 May 1917 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, IL.

Martin F. BECHTEL served in the Civil War as a Pvt. Army Co. D, 15th Regiment, Ohio infantry.

"Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866" was found a listing for Martin, with his name appearing in the roster as Martin Bachtel, with Co.D of the 15th. He mustered-in at the age of 24 on Feb. 10, 1864 for three years of service, and mustered-out on Nov. 21, 1865 with the regiment.

Martin was also a farmer.

Spouse: Clarissa CUSHMAN, b. 21 June 1846 in Ohio, d. 11 November 1923 in Rose Township, Shelby County, IL.

Clarissa CushmanClarissa Cushman

Martin F. Bechtel and Clarissa Cushman.

Married 28 December 1866 in Shelby County, IL..


Gennette (Nettie) BECHTEL, b. 1869 in Illinois, d. 1957 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, IL.

Spouse: John BAUER , b. 11 May 1867 in Rose Township, Shelby County, IL., d. 11 May 1938 in Rose Township, Shelby County, IL.

Married 12 April 1900 in Shelby County, IL..


William Oren BECHTEL, b. 4 November 1871 in Shelby County, IL., d. 19 June 1953 in Shelby County, IL.

buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IL.

Spouse: Eliza Ann. MARTIN, b. ca. 1879 in Illinois

Married 27 January 1895 in Moultrie County, IL.


Leslie P. BECHTEL, b. 8 January 1901 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, IL., d. 24 February 1989 in Decatur Memorial Hospital, Decatur, Macon Co, IL.

Spouse: (1) Elizabeth SLOAN



Spouse: (2) Viola ADAMS, b. 27 November 1903

Married 29 July 1951.

Laura (Erva) Ervabell BECHTEL, b. 11 September 1913 in Illinois

Spouse: Frankie (Frank) JOHNSON, b. 15 December 1905 in Oklahoma

Married ca. 1927 in Oklahoma.


Frances (Fran) Lewellyn JOHNSON, b. 22 September 1928 in Oklahoma

Spouse: Frank Prentiss KERN Jr., b. 24 October 1925 in Peoria, IL.



Christine Deandra KERN, b. 2 October 1952 in California

Spouse: Peter HEBERT (1)



Spouse: Ron DOTSON (2)

Married 28 May 1988 in Little Shasta, Northern California.

Sandra Laureen KERN, b. 2 February 1962 in Anahiem, California

Spouse: Michael Richard BOYCE

Married 3 December 1983 in Reno, Nevada.


Ellsworth (Elza) BECHTEL, b. 22 February 1878 in Cooks Mill, Coles Co, Illinois, d. 21 July 1962 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, IL.

Spouse: Glaphia SEITZ, b. 9 March 1883 in Shelby County, IL., d. 15 June 1975 in Indianapolis, IN.

Married 25 December 1905 in Shelby County, IL..


Roy E. BECHTEL, b. 15 February 1914 in Shelby County, IL., d. 22 May 1988 in Charlotte, NC

Spouse: Wilma Eileen SHARPE, b. 28 August 1918 in Shelby County, IL., d. 21 December 1939 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, IL.

Married 14 October 1936.


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