Photo above, "courtesy of Clayton Francis Boyce."

This profile is an adaptation from the book, Four Generations-A Family History by Clayton Francis Boyce

Neil Atwell Boyce and Edna Marie Gerard

Neil Atwell Boyce was born on September 25, 1906. Except for the years the family lived on Orcas Island and for a short period of time when he lived in Seattle, Neil lived on San Juan Island all his life. Neil was the skipper of the cannery buyer boat Nereid, which was owned by the Friday Harbor Canning Company. John Wade was an engineer on this vessel at age 12, when help was hard to come by because of World War II.

Later in his life, Neil was employed by the Robert Hardware and Furniture store in Friday Harbor. He was working there when cancer overtook him and because of his failing health he had to discontinue his work. Neil was active in the community, including the local fire department and served there as an assistant fire chief. He also was a member of the Friday Harbor Presbyterian church.

Pictured at left: Neil Atwell Boyce
Photo "courtesy of Katherine (Kitty) Mildred Beryl Wade-Roberts."

On January 18, 1935, Neil was married to Edna Marie Gerard of Friday Harbor. They had one daughter, Alice Joanne Boyce, who was born in October, 1936.

Alice Boyce married Melvin David Chadwick on June 5, 1955 in Friday Harbor. Melvin had been in the Coast Guard, but had been honorably discharged in 1954. Alice and Melvin moved to Sequim, Washington following their marriage, where they had three children. In 1959, they moved to Port Angeles, Washington, where their fourth child was born. As Linnie recalls it, they lived a wonderful life until tragedy struck in September, 1965. Melvin was working outdoors on a lawn mower and was severely stung by yellow jackets. He was taken to the local hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Although devastated by the tragic loss of her husband and father to her children, Alice went on to provide a loving home for her family. Several years later, she married Monte Matthews, who subsequently adopted her children and helped raise them. Alice later developed multiple sclerosis, and passed away on June 18, 1991.

Neil died an untimely death In 1957. He is buried in the Valley Cemetery on San Juan Island, where his parents and other relatives are buried. Edna also passed away, but we do not know the date of her death.

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