Photo above, "courtesy of Linda Mae Boyce-Morgan."

This profile is an adaptation from the book, Four Generations-A Family History by Clayton Francis Boyce

George Ernest "Dick" Boyce

George Ernest "Dick" Boyce was born on November 14, 1897 according to the date on his head stone in the Valley Cemetery on San Juan Island (We do not know where he acquired the nickname "Dick"). His head stone was the only source we had for his birth date. We now believe that this is date is incorrect and that he was actually born a year earlier. Using the date on Dick's grave stone leaves only seven months and six days between his birth date and that of his next younger brother Cecil. However, in a photo of Leroy, Dick and Cecil, taken when Cecil was about 4-6 months old, it appears that Dick was between a year and a half and two years old. This would corroborate the difference in ages between them according to stories told by Cecil of his childhood. We believe that Dick Boyce's actual birth date was November 14, 1896. This date is further supported by a record in the possession of Jim Allen Boyce.

Dick Boyce lost his life by drowning on August 15, 1913, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Clayton's father told him that Dick had run away from home when he was 16 years old. This would relate to the earlier birth date. An account in the Friday Harbor Journal of August 21,1913, states that Dick had left home several weeks prior, to visit relatives in Spokane, Washington, and had not been heard from since. His parents had no idea he was in Minnesota. According to the Journal account, Dick was drowned while swimming with four other companions in an effort to find relief from the heat. George Ernest "Dick" Boyce is buried in the Valley Cemetery next to his parents.

Pictured at left: George Ernest Boyce.
Photo "courtesy of Katherine (Kitty) Mildred Beryl Wade-Roberts."






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