Headstones located in the Valley Cemetery, San Juan Island, San Juan County, WA.

These stones are of the family of Stephen V. Boyce & Lucinda Elisabeth Stewart.


"Stone Photos courtesy of Michael R. Boyce"

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Stephen V. Boyce and Wife,
Lucinda Elisabeth Stewart
Squire Stewart
Brother of Lucinda E. Stewart
Emma Boyce
Daughter of Stephen and Lucinda

 Frank M. Warwick-Boyce and Wife,
Sarah A. Simpson
Ralph Valen Boyce and Wife,
Florence R. Boyce
Marion F. Boyce
Son of Frank M. Warwick-Boyce

 Oren R, Pliley-Boyce and Wife,
Sarah Jane Evans
Benjamin Franklin Boyce
Son of Oren Randolph Pliley-Boyce

 John Henry Boyce and Wife,
Almira Georgina Walter
George E. Boyce
Son of John Henry Boyce
Neil Atwel Boyce
Son of John Henry Boyce
  Edna Beryl Boyce and Husband,
William Leith Wade

Hattie Boyce
Daughter of William W. Boyce
Stephen V. Boyce Jr. Anna C. Erickson
Wife of Stephen V. Boyce Jr.

Russell Glover Boyce
Son of William W. Boyce
Amelia Wilhelm Pfiffner, Wife of
Russell Glover Boyce
Alton Boyce
Son of Russell G. Boyce
Merle E. Boyce
Son of Russell G. Boyce

Julia C. Boyce