Jordon Boice and Anna Johnson Family Tree

This information in part was provided to me by Lauren Whitham-Norcross
Photos Courtesy of Lauren Whitham-Norcross

  1. Jordon BOICE, b. ca. 1861 in Martindale, Columbia County, NY., d. in Pittsfield, MA., m. Anna Elisabeth JOHNSON, 2 December 1885 in Hillsdale, NY.
    1. Lizzie BOICE, b. 1886 in Massachusetts, m. Mr. BUCHAN in Massachusetts
    2. Clara Eva BOICE, b. 1890 in Massachusetts, m. Mr. FISH in Massachusetts
      1. Gladys FISH, m. Irving KEENE
        1. Charles KEENE, b. 1941
        2. Linda KEENE, b. 1945
    3. Florence BOICE, b. ca. 1897 in Massachusetts
    4. Sanford J. BOICE, b. 16 February 1898 in Massachusetts, d. July 1966 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts
      1. Grace May BOICE
    5. Howard Wyland BOICE, b. 6 March 1904 in Massachusetts, m. Avis Lauretta DRAKE, 7 March 1927 in Pittsfield, MA., d. May 1981 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts
      1. Foster Drake BOICE, b. 25 September 1927 in Pittsfield, MA., d. March 12 2006. m. Barbara LASCHKY, 23 June 1951 in Pittsfield, MA.


        Foster D. Boice, 78, of Lenox Road died Sunday at Berkshire Medical Center. Born in Pittsfield on Sept. 25, 1927, son of Howard W. and Avis Drake Boice, he attended Carson Long Military Academy in New Bloomfield, Pa., graduating in 1946. He graduated from Bentley School of Accounting in 1949. Mr. Boice served in the U.S. Army during World War II as an auditor, and was discharged as a Master Sergeant.

        He worked at Berkshire Life for 40 years as the Director of the Auditing Department, retiring in 1990. He was a member of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Pittsfield. Mr. Boice attained the rank of Eagle Scout on Aug. 4, 1943, with the Boy Scouts of America. He enjoyed working on his property, RV-ing, bird-watching and camping. He belonged to the Castleton Boat Club on the Hudson River, and enjoyed cruising on his antique boat, the MaryNor.

        He leaves his wife, the former Barbara Laschky, whom he married June 23, 1951. Besides his wife, he leaves a daughter, Holly Boice Scherzi of Syracuse. Mr. Boice leaves a son-in-law, James; a brother-in-law, Carl Laschky; a step-grandson, Jim Scherzi, and several nieces and nephews.

        1. Holly Jane BOICE, b. 11 February 1954 in Pittsfield, MA., m. James SCHERZI, 26 September 1992 in Lenox, MA.

      2. JoAnn BOICE , b. 29 November 1929 in Pittsfield, MA., m. Frederick Harding WHITHAM , 2 September 1950 in Pittsfield, MA., d. 3 September 2001
        1. Ellen Ann WHITHAM , b. 9 March 1951 in Pittsfield, MA., m. Leo TODD , 25 August 1973 in Stamford, VT.
          1. Jennie TODD, b. 3 March 1974 in North Adams, MA.
          2. Michael TODD, b. 6 July 1981 in Farmington, CT.
          3. Emily TODD, b. 7 May 1986 in Portland, ME.
        2. Steven Boice WHITHAM, b. 2 January 1954 in North Adams, MA. Wife, Andrea AMODEO.
          1. Clover WHITHAM , b. 23 November 1982
          2. Kevin WHITHAM , b. 5 July 1984
          3. Karmen WHITHAM, b. 30 September 1990
        3. Lauren Duston WHITHAM , b. 3 February 1955 in North Adams, MA., m. Robert W. NORCROSS , 13 August 1975 in North Adams, MA.
          1. Duston NORCROSS, b. 12 November 1979
          2. Leah NORCROSS, b. 26 July 1981
        4. Owen Cheney WHITHAM, b. 29 June 1956, m. Kim HERZIG, 12 July 1986 in Kennebunkport, MA.
          1. Anna WHITHAM, b. 7 March 1993 in Nashua, NH.

Jordon Boice
and wife,
Anna Johnson
Avis (Nana) Drake-Boice and
Howard W. Boice
and wife,
Avis Lauretta Drake
JoAnn Boice