JohnBoice Jr. Family Photos
While researchingBoice ancestors from the NY area, an internet posting at Rootsweb.comrevealed the living descendants of John Boice Jr. and MatildaC. Johnson of Round Top, Greene County New York. . .

"I was casually looking in the web site searching on the BOICE surname and ran across a listing for Matilda C. Johnson and John Boice", said Michael Boyce. The information provided included a record of the John Allen COE family bible, which is now in the possesion of Carol Rowe of CT. I contacted Mrs. Rowe and she informed me that the family geneaology was being kept up by a cousin, but she wasn't sure how to contact him. She then gave me the name of an Esther Coe of Martha's Vinyard, who may be able to help me. I contacted Esther by phone (Lucky I found the listing) and she mentioned a John Allen Coe Jr. which was living in California. Much like the time that I called the directory listings for the Boyce's of San Juan Island, Washington, I found the phone number for one John Allen Coe living in Los Angeles. I called and left a message, hoping to make contact with the right John Allen Coe. Later that evening, 72 year old John Allen Coe Jr. called me back and I had made the right connection!

We spoke for a few minutes and he mentioned that he had some old family photographs. John retrieved them and he began listing the names of our ancestors connected with the pictures. He had the pictures of Matilda C. Johnson, wife of John Boice Jr. of Round Top, Greene County, NY., and he also had three photos of his grandmother, Jessie M. Boice, second daughter of John Boice jr. and Matilda C. Johnson. Unfortunately, he did not have a photograph of John Boice Jr., Stephen V. Boyce's youngest brother.

I am excited today to share these photos with everyone as I am sure that you will see the BOYCE family resemblance in the photo's of Jessie M. Boice.

Pictured above: Matilda C. Johnson, wife of John Boice Jr. of Round Top, Greene County, NY.

 "Young" Jessie M. BOICE, youngest daughter of John BOICE Jr. and Matilda C. JOHNSON

 "Middle Aged"

  "Golden Aged"

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