We would like to acknowledge the following sources of information and photos which helped to make this web site possible. . .

Granted Written Permission from: David Richardson, Author: Pig War Islands 1990

Granted Written permission from: Publisher, Allen Messick, The Journal of the San Juan Islands Newspaper


The following is a special thanks to "All" Boyce and extended family members for their Story and Photo Contributions. . .

"We would like to acknowledge with great appreciation, the extensive work done by Peggy and Jose Henscik in scanning, image-editing and other digital photo work done in connection with the creation of their Yahoo Club site."

Also we would like to extend a personal thanks to all those who have taken the time to directly relay family histories on the phone and through mail correspondence including:

Eleanor Louise Boyce-Johnson, Cousin

John (Jack) Boice of CT., and Dorothy Boice-Woolsey of CA, Cousins

Katherine Mildred Beryl Wade-Roberts, Cousin, Family Historian

Clayton Francis Boyce & Doris Maxine Forbes-Boyce, Cousins, Family Historians

Linda Boyce-Morgan, Cousin, Family Historian

Alton Boyce, Cousin, formerly of San Juan Island.

Georgina Beryl Boyce-Farfan, Aunt "Gigi"

Dorothy Jean Pendergast-Boyce, "Mom"

Betty Sprague, Family Member

Cynthia Jane Boice-Stoltz, Cousin

F. Leigh Boice, Cousin

Don Chase, Cousin

Cemira Price, Cousin

I would also like to recognize those"Gene-angels" on behalf of their countless efforts and look-up request help:

Greene County New York:

Doug Leary, Historian

Sylvia Hasenkopf, Historian

Lisa Orecchio, Historian

April Saccoccio, Historian

Columbia County New York:

Ginny Formel, Historian

Dorothea See, Historian

Cidney Engberg, Historian

Pat Holling, Historian

Nancy Griffith, Historian

Arthur C.M. & Nancy V. Kelly, Historians

Susan M. Kelly