Hidden Photo Discovered in Cameo. . .
Upon closer examination of a recently scanned photograph of Stephen V. Boyce's sister, Elisabeth Catherine Boice of Greene County, NY., a "hidden" family members picture revealed itself!

In October of 2002, when I visited Kitty and Kip Roberts of Friday Harbor, I was able to get some high resolution scans of many family photographs. Upon closer inspection of one these photo's, I discovered a "hidden" family member photo concealed within the actual photo of Stephen V. Boyce's sister, Elisabeth Catherine Boice-Richards portrait.

The second photo appears in Elisabeth's cameo, and I believe that the photo may be of one of her daughters, either Seiona Richards, b. 1862 in Greene County, NY., or May Ivaline Richards, b. September 1872 in Cairo, Greene County, NY. The photo of Elisabeth appears to have been taken in the 1890's, suggesting that it could be either of her two daughters. Elisabeth Catherine Boice was born February 1841 in Cairo, Greene County, NY., and was the youngest sibling of Stephen V. Boice/Boyce. She married Thomas Richards of that same area, and at this time in their lives, they were running a boarding house in Catskill, Greene County, NY.

Elisabeth's cameo image is inset below to reveal the "hidden" Boice/Richards family member!

Image scan and enhancement courtesy of Peggy and Jose Henscik of Friday Harbor, Washington.