Have We Identified Rudolph Buys Family?
Painstakingly pouring over various "primary source" records for Columbia, Greene, and Dutchess Counties, has revealed some very connective clues which may very well lead us to the identity of Rudolph Buys family and ancestors.

Over that past few months, an anomaly of sorts has surfaced by digging deeper into the baptism records of the Rudolph Buys Family. It was suggested to me by a professional genealogist, to lay out all the information that I have researched on the family, and look for a pattern. I found a pattern and followed it as suggested, only to reveal some very coincidental occurrences which I believe are the keys to unlocking the mystery of Rudolph Buys family. With this pattern, I will attempt to profile the obvious connection between Rudolph Buys, and the family tree of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom. I believe that Rudolph Buys may have been their grandson.

Important Note:
Willemje Oosteroom had a brother named Rudolph, and he would be the Uncle of all of their children. also, her mother, Mageltje Roelofseze De Duyster (Dutcher), was the daughter of Roelof De Duyster (Dutcher). I believe that here lies the single most important clue and the possible namesakes for our Rudolph Buys

Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom's family is well documented and it appears that nearly all of their children's birth and baptism records were recorded and are now available. Their children, 11 in total, are found in the various baptism records of the following churches: Athens Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Athens Greene County, NY: 1704-1918, Reformed Church: Claverack, Columbia County, NY. 1727-1899, Reformed Church, Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, NY. 1731-1899, Reformed Church, Germantown, Columbia County, NY. 1729-1898, St. Paul's (Zion's) Lutheran Church, Red Hook, Dutches County 1730-1904.

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for a graphic chart of these and more connective baptism records that clearly place us in the family of Hendrick Buys and Willemje Oosteroom!



The following is a detailed analysis of the above noted baptism record connection.

The Sponsors of 7 Shufelt Family Baptisms

All of the above baptisms sponsored by our ancestors were of three of the children,
(Shufelt sibling), and an extended family member of Johannes George Shufelt and Catharina Kreller.

So, how does this connect Rudolph Buys to the family of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom?

Were any of the children of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom involved with or related to this Shufelt family in any way?

The answer is YES!

The above stated Johannes George Shufelt, had a sister named Elisabeth Shufelt. Elisabeth Shufelt married Henrich Voland and had a daughter, Catharina Voland. Catharina Voland is the first cousin of the above stated 3 Shufelt siblings. Catharine Voland married Ferdinand W. Buys, who is believed to be the 4th oldest son of Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn. Ferdinand W. Buys is also believed to be the son of Antoni Buys and Christina Bekker. Further research and primary source records such as the baptism or birth record for Ferdinand will resolve this question. Jan Buys was the 2nd oldest son of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom, and Jan was named after his maternal grandfather, Jan Oosteroom, who married Willemje Oosteroom's mother, Mageltje Roelofseze De Duyster (Dutcher).

Another Shufelt connection appears a few years later with the daughter of Peter Buys (Rudolph's son) and Eleanor Shmith. Adeline Boice, born 15 June 1823, marries George L. Shufelt. Their childrens baptisms are recorded at the West Copake, Columbia County Reformed Church. This may be George Levi Shufelt, born June 20, 1823, the son of Georg Adam Shufelt and Elizabeth Bechtel, as noted above.

The above referenced Elisabeth Bechtel is most likely the sister, but assuredly a direct family member of Christophel Bechtel, who married Christina Buys, daughter of Rudolph Buys.

We will further examine another connection with this Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn family.

The "Plattner / Loescher / Buys" Connection

Thomas Hendrich Buys born 20 January 1738, was the 2nd oldest son of Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn. Thomas Hendrich Buys married Elisabeth Kriessler, and in the baptism record for one of their children, Catharina, born 30 November 1771, we find the sponsors Marcus Plattner and Catharina Best.

This would not seem so remarkable unless we added that the sponsors of Rudolph Buys and Catharina's son Jacob Buys, were Jacob Plattner and Catharina Loescher. Jacob Plattner and the above noted Marcus Plattner were in fact brothers!

Further, Catharine Loescher was the granddaughter of Sebastian Loescher and Barbara Elisabetha Kuhn, who were the Aunt and Uncle of Anna Elisabetha Kuhn, who married Jan Buys. Or in other words, Catharine Loescher's parents were first cousins to Anna Elisabetha Kuhn.

Also, the above mentioned brother of Jacob Plattner, Marcus Plattner, who married Catharina Best, had a child Catharina, baptized 18 Sep 1783, sponsored by Johan Marcus Kuhn and Anna Maria Loescher. Johan Marcus Kuhn was the Uncle of Anna Elisabetha Kuhn, wife of Jan Buys. Johan Marcus Kuhn's wife, Anna Maria Loescher was the above stated Catharine Loescher's great Aunt.

So from this, we can clearly see that the family of Anna Elisabetha Kuhn was somehow directly involved with the family of Rudolph Buys. If not family, why then would there be so many connective sponsorships through the baptisms of both families?

The "William Link" Connection

Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn had a daughter Lea, born October 1748. Lea Buys married Adam Bitzer. The sponsors of the baptism of their child Anna Maria, baptized 22 Feb 1784, were Willem Link and Marytje Kilmer. William Link and his wife Maria or Marytje, can be found in several baptism records for St. Paul's (Zion's) Lutheran Church of Red Hook, Claverack Dutch Reformed Church, West Copake Reformed Church, and St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church: Manorton, The churches listed above are in order of the dates of the baptism records.

Another set of sponsors for a child born to William Link and Marytje, were Johannes Linck, & wife; Anna Elisabeth Kuhn. They sponsored the birth of Johannes Link, baptized 25 Dec 1779. Anna Elisabeth Kuhn, wife of Johannes Link, was first cousin to Anna Elisabetha Kuhn, wife of Jan Buys.

How would these records connect Rudolph Buys to Jan and Anna's family?

In the book, Settlers and Residents in the town of Livingston Vol. 3 Part 1, 1710 - 1899." Arthur C. M. Kelly, 1 Feb. 1978. The record book states the following: Page. 49, List entry: Rudolph Bies appeared on the Livingston Account Book for 1767-1769, and is noted as paying rent in the form of 24 bushels of wheat, and 4 hens.
(See Rudolph Buys Chronology)

Here's the connection.
The record which appears just below the Rudolph Bies entry dated 1767-1769, states that William (Linck), also paid rent on the above farm, between 1770-1784. A William Link is shown living just about 2 miles east of Rudolph Buys, on the 1795 map of Livingston Manor. William Link's name appears on a property located in
West Copake. The time frame and location are consistent with the above noted baptism records for William Link and Marytje Kilmer.

Further more, we see this Buys/Kilmer connection appears with the baptism of Catharine Kilmer, born 02 Jan 1806 at Livingston Manor, the daughter of William Kilmer and Anna (Bitzer?). Sponsors of this baptism are Jacob Buys and his wife, Catharina Kuntz. As noted previously, Jacob Buys is the son of Rudolph Buys.

Farm sharing was actually quite common between family members in those days as I can site the example of the youngest son of John Boice and Catharine Jacoby. Their son, John Boice Jr. married Matilda Carolyn Johnson at Round Top, Greene County NY. John Boice Jr. and his wife's brother, William Johnson, became co-owners of the Eli Dutcher Farm which consisted of a little over 190 acres, and was located at Round Top, in Greene County.

The "Link / Stickels" Connection

A further connection between Rudolph Buys and the family of Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn is found through this William Link connection.

In 1870, John Boice, son of Jacob Boice and eldest grandson of Rudolph Buys filed for his War of 1812 pension. Two fellow soldiers, in a sworn testimony on behalf of John Boice, claimed that they served with John in the War of 1812. One of these soldiers was John Boice's Uncle, Thomas Coons, and brother of his father's wife, Catharine Coons. The other was David Stickles. Both men claimed to be "intimately acquainted" with John Boice at the time of their testimonies.

William Link and Maria Kilmer had a son named Benjamin, baptized 14 Nov 1802. The sponsors of this baptism were Johnannes Kreisler and Anatje Reiffenberger. Johnannes Kreissler's parents were Johannes Kreissler and "Sussana Stickles".

The sponsor, Johannes Kreissler, had a brother named Matthew, who married Catharine Boice, and a first cousin named Elisabeth, who married Hendrick Thomas Boice. Both Boice's were the children of Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn.

Once again we can clearly see that there is a family connection (cousins) between Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn, and this Stickles family. If John Boice's Uncle Thomas Coons claimed to be intimately acquainted, and David Stickles, "cousin" to the above stated Susanna Stickles, claimed to be intimately acquainted, then I must surmise that there is a kinship connection here!

The "Buys / Cool / Jacobi" Connection

  1. Another very interesting connection appears again in baptism records of the area. Rudolph Buys son Peter and wife Eva Bechtel had a son named Johannes, born 11 Dec 1800, and baptised in 1801 at St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Churchtown. The sponsors of the baptism were Johannes Jacobi and wife, Greitje Kohl "Cool".

  2. Johannes Jacobi and Greitje Cool also appear in another sponsorship for our family, this time for the daughter of Jacob Buys and Catherine Kunz, Greitje Boice, born 25 Mar 1807. Their daughter was a namesake for Greitje Kohl.

  3. We see this Johannes Jacobi and wife Greitje in an earlier baptism, this time at St Paul's (Zion's) Lutheran Church of Red Hook, in neighboring Dutchess County. They were sponsors for the baptism of Simon Buys, born 24 Jun 1797. Simon Buys was the son of Ary Buys and Anna Kohl "Cool".

  4. Johannes Jacobi and Greitje Cool also appear in another sponsorship for Gertraut Duffany, born 12 Sep 1802, the daughter of Conrad Duffany and Maria Holsapple. Conrad and Maria appear in the Shufelt record connections above, as Maria Holsapple was the first cousin of the above noted Shufelts. The record above also has our Jacob Boice and Catherine Kunz as sponsors of Conrad and Maria's son Isaack in 1807.

  5. Johannes Jacobi and Greitje Kohl, had a daughter, Catharina, born, 24 Dec 1792, and baptised, 26 Dec 1792. The sponsors of the baptism were Nicholas Jacobi and Margareth Rossman. Nicholas Jacobi was the brother of Johannes Jacobi. Nicholas Jacobi and Margaretha Rossman had two daughters named Catherine, the first daughter, was born in 1794 (I do not suspect that she lived) and a second daughter named Catherine born in 1796 who would grow up to marry Henry Rowe. Johannes and Greitje Kohl's daughter Catarina would grow up to become the wife of John Boice, eldest son of Jacob Boice and Catharine Kunz.

Arie Buys and Anna Cool, as mentionioned above in #2, were sponsors of the baptism of Ary Boice, baptised 10 Jul 1791, who was the son of Johannes Boice and Christina Kriessler. Johannes Boice was the youngest son of Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn. Jan Buys was the son of Hendrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom.

Ary Buys and Anna Cool were also sponsors of the baptism of Annatjen Boice, baptised, 21 Apr 1805. Annatjen was the daughter of Peter Boice, born, 1781, who married Phronica Snider. This Peter Boice was the son of Ary Boice and Anna Ham. Ary Boice, who married Anna Ham, was the son of Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn.

The reason it is suspected that the above noted Ary Buys was the son of Peter Buys and Rachel Oostrander is that they too had a son named Ary, born 12 October 1754. They also had another son, Hendrick Buys, born, 25 November 1734, who married Eva Cool. It was not at all uncommon for siblings to marry sisters or brothers of other families. Peter Buys who married Rachel Ostrander, was the son of Hendrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom. One thing for certain is that the above noted Ary Buys who married Anna Cool was the descendant of Hendrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom.

All of the above records clearly profile an uncanny connection between Rudolph Buys and the descendants of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom. Is there any other evidence that suggests a connection?

The Six "Christina" Namesakes

Another strange but possibly relative piece of information appears with a common namesake. The name Christina appears almost exclusively within the extended family lines of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom.

  1. Rudolph Buys and Catharina named their daughter Christina, who married Christophel Bechtel.

  2. Adrian Pietersen Buys who married Tryntje Hendrickie Oosteroom, had a son named Peter Ariense Buys, who married Geerte Hoppen. They named a daughter Christina, born ca. 1704. This Peter Buys was the brother of Hendrick Buys who married Willemje Oosteroom.

  3. The above noted Peter Ariense Buys and wife Geerte Hoppen had a son Jacob Buys, born ca. 1715. Jacob Buys married Engeltje Storm, and they had a daughter Christina, baptised 25 Sep, 1742.

  4. The son of Henrich Buys who married Willemje Oostroom, Jan Buys, and wife Anna Elisabetha Kuhn named a daughter Christina, born 6 January 1739, and was baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church of Claverack.

  5. The "believed to be" son of Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn, Ferdinand W. Buys, who married Catharina Voland, as mentioned above, named a daughter Christina, Baptized 19 Jun 1785. However, if Ferdinand was the son of Antoni Buys and Christina Bekker, then the daughter was most likely named for her mother.

  6. Jacob Rossman and his wife, Elisabeth Shufelt, as noted above, named their daughter Christina, born March 17, 1782, with the sponsors of this baptism being Rudolph Buys and his wife Catharina.

I find this "Christina" connection all too coincidental considering I have poured through what seems like hundreds of Buys family baptism records from Manhattan to Albany, and as mentioned above, find this name virtually exclusive to this line of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oostroom.

With all this said, I am certainly convinced that Rudolph Buys may be the descendant of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oostroom, and that in somehow, he is a member of this family tree.

So why can't we find a "Rudolph" Buys?

One important clue that I have found is related to the names used of the children of Jan Buys, 2nd oldest son of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oostroom The children were baptized and commonly named in the baptism record for one of the two sponsors. What I find very strange about this, in particular with the children of Jan Buys, is that the name that they were baptized with, was usually not the name that they went through life with!


Jan Buys oldest son, Ezechiel Valentine Boice, was baptized 15 Feb 1736, as Valentin Bois, sponsors were Valentin Kuhn and his wife, Catharina. He later shows up in the census records and baptism records for his children as Ezechiel Boice. This also holds true for Jan Buys son, Henrich Thomas Boice, who appears in baptism records, alternating between Hendrick and Thomas. Also, in Hendrich Thomas Boice's last will and testament, several of his daughters named in the will, are not consistent with their baptism names.

This practice of name alternating is not all to uncommon, as we see this happen with the daughter of John Boice and Catherine Jacoby. Their daughter Catherine Elizabeth Boice, is named as noted in the early census records of Greene County, while she was living with her parents. Eventually, she uses her middle name Elisabeth, to be commonly known as Elisabeth Boice in the later census and probate records, and is also known as Elisabeth by her family.

Of Special Note on Names:
In the 1809 will of Henrich Thomas Buys, son of Jan Buys and Anna Elisabetha Kuhn, his name appears with the spelling BOICE. (I have a copy of this probate record on file.) Apparently the descendants of Rudolph Buys line weren't the only one's with Buys to Boice name changes! Also, while on the subject of names, Rudolph Buys is the only "Buys" listed in the 1790 census for this area.

Previously I had suspected that Peter Boice, son of Jan Buys and anna Elisabetha Kuhn, may have been Rudolph, but recent information located in the will abstract of Jan Buys dated 1/7/1785, and Probated 1/30/1790, states that Peter was "extinct" and his portion was to go to his children. Our Rudolph was listed in the 1790 census so it certainly could not be him. Of course there is always a possibility that he was an undocumented child of Jan and Anna, but I find this unlikely.

The following is the immediate family tree of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oostroom:

 Henrick Adriaensen BUYS, b. 2 April 1684, m. Willemje OOSTEROOM, 1705 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY.

1. Arye BUYS, baptised. 10 March 1707 in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY. Died Young.

2. Jan BUYS (2), b. 20 April 1709 in New York, m. Anna Elisabetha KUHN, ca. 1733, d. 2 February 1790

3. Pieter BUYS, b. 1 November 1711 in Westcamp, Ulster Co., NY., m. Rachel OOSTRANDER

4. Magtelt BUYS, b. 1 November 1713 in New York m. Johannes OOSTRANDER

5. Tryntjen BUYS (2), b. 8 February 1716 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY. Johannes BENNET

6. Arien BUYS, b. 23 October 1717 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY. m. Greitje HABER ca. 1741

7. Jacob BUYS, b. ca. 1719 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY. m. Maria FYNHOUT ca. 1753

8. Maria BUYS, b. 9 November 1720 in New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY., m. Mathys HOOGHTEELING, 31 October 1741 in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, NY.

9. Hendrick BUYS, b. ca. 1723, m. Rachel VAN ETTEN ca. 1747

10. Engeltje BUYS, b. 13 February 1726 in Livingston, Columbia County, NY. m. John KATMAN

Click Here! to view a map of birth, baptism, and marriage locations for the above families of Hendrick Buys and Willemje Oosteroom, comparing those to the locations of the family of Rudolph and Catharine Buys

Of Special Note on the Parents of Willemje Oostroom, Jan Oosteroom and Mageltje Roelofseze De Duyster (Dutcher), as appears in the Dutcher Family Asscociation Genealogy:

"The couple moved up to Poughkeepsie, where some of their children were born, and where most of them lived, and where Jan was Elder, elected June, 1716. The loss of the Church Baptismal Records, 1745-1764, precludes an accurate record of many descendants."

Also of Special Note on the Parents of Willemje Oostroom, Jan Oosteroom and Mageltje Roelofseze De Duyster had a son named Rudolph, born, 26 Jun 1698 at Kingston, Ulster, New York, who would be the Uncle of all of the children of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oostroom.

Many of these early Buy's families and descendants can be traced to living in Poughkeepsie. If the Church Baptismal Records were lost, as suggested by the note above (This would be the time frame when Rudolph Buys was born), then the likelyhood of ever finding a record for Rudolph Buys, if he was from this line as suggested with this connective research, could be very slim.

Perhaps the only way to "positively" connect the descendants of Rudolph Buys, would be through DNA testing.


A claim of Kinship to the extended family tree of Jan Buys ?

Sometime in 1881, John Henry Boyce of our line, made his way to Springville Utah, while working for the railroad. While there, John Henry met Peter Boice, a descendant of the family tree of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom. Peter Boice can be traced directly to Peter Buys who married Rachel Oostrander, and who was the son of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom.

In a letter that John Henry Boyce wrote back to his father Stephen V. Boyce in 1881, John Henry mentioned the meeting of he and Peter Boice. In the letter, John Henry noted that Peter Boice claimed that they were "kin." John Henry however, included that he didn't think that Peter Boice looked anything like his family. Of course, Peter Boice was 76 years old at the time of their meeting, and seldom does anyone look the same after so many years.

I however, find a remarkable family resemblance and below, I have posted the recently located photograph of John Boice, brother of the above noted Peter Boice. These photos are located at the following web address:


Although photographic evidence is in NO WAY a means to prove ancestral connections,
I do see a strong resemblance in both families.

This is a photo of John Boice, brother of Peter Boice of Springville Utah.

This is a photo of our John Henry Boyce, son of Stephen V. Boyce

This is a photo of Abram Boice,
first cousin to
Stephen V. Boyce.

With all this said, who were Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom ?

Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom moved their family northward from Poughkeepsie, and took up residence at or near Livingston Manor, as we find Henrich and his wife Willemje and their descendants through various baptism records of the area. One in particular, is at Linlithgo Reformed Church: (Livingston Manor,) Columbia County, with the record of their daughter Engeltje Buys baptism. She was born 13 February 1726. Another later record in 1742, shows Henrich as sponsor for his grandaughter Tyrntie, daughter of Arie Buys & wife Gritje. The baptism took place in "Teerbosch"- so called "Tarbush" of Columbia County. Another of Henrich and Willemje's children, Peter Buys and wife Rachel Ooostrander, were sponsors of two seperate baptisms which also took place at Tarbush, in Columbia County.

It is understood and commonly accepted that Henrich Buys was the son of the immigrant ancestor, Adriaen Pieterszen BUYS, who immigrated from Tiel, Duchy of Gelderland, Holland on THE BEAVER, as it sailed from Amsterdam 9 May 1661, and arrived 29 July 1661 in New Amsterdam, now Manhattan Island in NY.

The following information was passed along to me from a fellow genealogist and family member (distant cousin).

From correspondence with a profession reseasrch drs. P. Nouwt of The Netherlands <pnouwt@bigfoot.com>; "Passenger list of the vessel Arent [Eagle]: Jouurney from Amsterdam The Netherlands to New Amsterdam. Dep. 3/15/1663: Passenger: Aaddriaen Pietersen from Tiel. Passenger list of the vessel "Bever" [Beaver] Dep 5/1661. Passenger: Aert Petersen Buys from Beest, & wife & son Passenger list of vessel Rooseboom [Rosetree] Dep 3/1663 Jan Pietersen Buys from Beest.

According to these records Aert Pietersen Buys travelled to New Amsterdam with his wife & son in May 1661. Two years later in March 1663, Jan Pietersen Buys and Aadriaen Peteerse Buyss followed. I think it quite likely that Aert Pietersen, Jan Pietersen & Arien Pieterse were brothers. Perhaps all three of them were born in Beest, though Arien Pietrse moved to Tiel later on. the town of Tiel is situated only 10 miles east of the village of Beest. In Tiel, I could not find a baptism record for Arien Pietrse but did find someone called Pieter Aariensen (widower of Ariantejen Jansen) who in 1636 md. to Geriken Hendricksen and in 1646 to Margriet Hermansen. Pieter Ariensen & Geriken Hendricksen could have been the parents of Arien Pieterse Buys (who had a son & dau. named Pieter & Gerritje) However, no definite proof was found.

How can all this be proved?

My hope was to find Rudolph listed in the probate record for Jan Buys, who's line previously showed the strongest connection as supported in the above research. However, as stated above, the record was located and Rudolph was not named in this will. the next step is to evaluate the other descendants of Henrich Buys and Willemje Oosteroom, especially those with the "Christina" namesakes.

DNA Testing

Recently however, I found that a Boice family reunion of the living descendants of the above noted John Boice, will be held in August this year in Colorado.

I have sent them an e-mail and asked the following question:

"Are there any living Boice males who can assuredly trace their roots with no breaks or adoptions in your family tree, to William Buys and Elisabeth Snyder? The reason for my question is that if I am unable to locate a will for Jan Buys as mentioned above, naming Rudolph Buys as his son, I am afraid I will have hit a fatal dead end. The other exciting and unique option would be to have the DNA tested for both of our family trees, as to see if there is a definite match and a common ancestor in both our lines. If there is a Boice male family member that would be willing to do this in your line, I would be more than willing to also participate. This could make for some very interesting conversation at your family reunion, especially if there in fact is a DNA match."

I have researched DNA testing and found the following information at Ancestry.com:

Genetic Genealogy Paternal Ancestry Signature

The Surname test analyzes the DNA on your Y-chromosome (only males have the Y-chromosome) and reveals your Paternal Ancestry Signature that was inherited from your father who inherited it from his father, etc. (your Surname line). Your signature is formatted into 23 numbers associated with the 23 markers (the highest resolution commercial Y-chromosome test in the world!). This test is collected by using Ancestry's GenetiKit. The GenetiKit is a home collection kit that comes with a swab to painlessly and easily collect a sample of cells from the inside of your cheek, which is then returned to the laboratory where DNA testing is completed within a few weeks. When you receive your Paternal Ancestry Signature, you will also be informed of exact matches or near matches with other samples in the database and have access to future database matches and web features for the next 12 months.

The fee associated with this testing is around $250.00

If the Boice family mentioned above is willing, would our family consider pooling funds to administer this test?

If you would like to talk to me about this possibility, please e-mail at the following address: